Data mining scenario

A scenario is "a postulated sequence or development of events". Therefore, a data mining scenario comprises a logical sequence of actions to infer some type of generalization from a dataset, a sequence of actions for applying a generalization on a new dataset, and a sequence of actions for evaluating the obtained generalizations. OntoDM-core represents a data mining scenario in three different description layers in the ontology:

  • data mining scenario (as a specification),
  • data mining workflow (as an implementation), and
  • data mining workflow execution (as an application).

In OntoDM-core, a data mining scenario is an extension of the OBI class protocol. It includes as parts other information entities such as: title of scenario, scenario description, author of scenario, and document. From the protocol class it also inherits as parts objective specification and action specification. A data mining workflow is a concretization of a data mining scenario, and extends the plan entity (defined by OBI). Finally, a data mining workflow is realized (executed) through a data mining workflow execution process.

OntoDM-core does not represent scenarios and workflows that belong to other phases of the Knowledge Discovery process, such as application understanding, data understanding, data preprocessing, data mining process evaluation, and deployment. These are the subjects of representation in the OntoDM-KDD ontology. Because both OntoDM-core and OntoDM-KDD are built by using the same design principles, the same upper-level ontology, and same type of relations they can be used together to represent the complete knowledge discovery process.

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